Augment with Arkea, ProBlend, BioBoost.

Stimulate with MN and BioTreat.

Arkea® Culture Media Sludge reduction, plant stability 1 lb. Bags Mesh bags with w/s packs used in Arkea® reactors
BioBoost CR Time release, plant stability 4 billion CFU/g Dose at 1 block per 2000 - 2500 lbs. cBOD
BioStem D Plant development, micronutrients & microencapsulation Solution dependent 50# bags
BioTreat 100 Plant development, micronutrients & microencapsulation Solution dependent Carbon Source
BioTreat AB-L Algae control 5 gal only  Ammonia reduction
BioTreat AL 5 gal, 55 gal
BioTreat SR Sludge reduction, plant stability Available in 5 gal, 55 gal, and tote Dose at 10 gal/mo per every MGD flow
MicroNutrient Promotes microbial growth 100 essential vitamins and minerals supplement Microbe food.  More bugs, more results.  Support for ProBlend line
ProBlend Improve ammonia removal, reduce sludge yield 2 billion CFU/g General, all-purpose treatment for Pulp/Paper, Pharmaceutical, Food Process, and Slaughterhouse Industries
Problend AB Algae control 2 billion CFU/g  Ammonia reduction
ProBlend CT Enhance BOD/COD/TSS removal - Reduce winter sludge build up 4 billion CFU/g Cold temp withstanding microbes.  Improve system stability.
ProBlend FD Feather/Grease digester Solution dependent Poultry/Food Processing
ProBlend FOG Grow at low ph, digest VFA's, produces Lipase, Esterase, Biosurfactants 4 billion CFU/g Fat/grease remover - Grease Trap Lift Station, Food Processing, Slaughterhouse
ProBlend HC Hydrocarbon Degredation Solution dependent Improve floc formation and settling characteristics in Petroleum/Refining Industries