Augment with Arkea®, ProBlend, BioBoost.

Stimulate with MN-100 and BioTreat.

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Arkea® Culture Media   Sludge reduction, plant stability   1 lb. Bags   Mesh bags with water soluble packs used in Arkea® reactors
BioBoost CR   Time release -  benefits lift stations, papermills, ethanol plants   4 billion CFU/g   Increases bacteria to promote odor control
BioStem D   Plant development, micronutrients & microencapsulation   Solution dependent   50# bags
BioTreat 100   Plant development, micronutrients & microencapsulation   Solution dependent   Carbon Source
BioTreat AB-L   Algae control   5 gal only   Ammonia reduction
BioTreat SR   Sludge reduction, plant stability   Available in 5 gal, 55 gal, and tote   Dose at 10 gal/mo per every MGD flow
MN-100   Promotes microbial growth   100 essential vitamins and minerals supplement   Support for ProBlend line
Arkea® ProBlend   Improve ammonia removal, reduce sludge yield   2 billion CFU/g   General, all-purpose treatment for Pulp/Paper, Pharmaceutical, Food Process, and Slaughterhouse Industries
Problend AB   Algae control   2 billion CFU/g   Ammonia reduction
ProBlend CT   Enhance BOD/COD/TSS removal - Reduce winter sludge build up - Optimal growth at 40˚F   4 billion CFU/g   Cold temp withstanding microbes.  Improve system stability.
ProBlend FD   Grease emulsifier   Solution dependent   Poultry/Food Processing
ProBlend FOG   Grow at low pH, digest VFA's, produces Lipase, Esterase, Biosurfactants   4 billion CFU/g   Fat/grease remover - Grease Trap Lift Station, Food Processing, Slaughterhouse
ProBlend GP4B   Increases microbe count   1 lb. water soluble bags   General purpose bacteria
ProBlend HC   Hydrocarbon Degradation   Solution dependent   Improve floc formation and settling characteristics in Petroleum/Refining Industries
ProBlend HF*   Lowers cBOD - hydrolization formula for phosphorous uptake   1 lb. bags   Hydrolization Formula
ProBlend WS*   Used in anaerobic lagoons   Solution dependent   Ammonia reduction

* NEW product