Arkea® Bioaugmentation - Ammonia and Nutrient Reduction

Arkea®  Ammonia Reduction

This graph illustrates ammonia reduction at a poultry processing plant after beginning Arkea® treatment in February of 2004.

NH3 Compared to 001 Outfall Limits

Arkea® forms a syntrophic relationship with both nitrifiers and denitrifiers, enhancing robustness. This occurs at low carbon levels, indicating direct reaction of ammonia and nitrate to yield nitrogen gas plus water.

Arkea®  Nitrogen Reduction


Customer is an egg sorting plant, and processes and packs approximately 1 million eggs per day. The customer has an on-site WWTP consisting of a three (3) lagoon system designed to allow for microbial digestion and settling out of solids before land applying process water.

Customer Problems/Challenges

The customer exceeded lbs. of nitrogen for land application during the 2011 2nd Quarter period. Since they were violating their EPD land application permit, ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. was contacted to assist with nitrogen reduction in cells in order to bring the on-site WWTP back into good microbial health over time, and bring the plant back into compliance with land apply permit on next land application, if possible. ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. began accelerated Arkea® dosing accordingly.

ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. Strategy

ArchaeaSolutions began a three (3) month Arkea® treatment in August of 2011. Site visits and Arkea® treatment were scheduled at approximately 2 week intervals during the 3 month period.

In addition to the Arkea® treatment dosing, ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. provided process engineering/consulting support and implemented a successful strategy, which included weekly bioaugmentation and multiple-pass recycling of water between lagoons.


As a result of the Arkea® treatment and process engineering, the customer saw a >50% reduction in Ammonia, TKN, and Total Nitrogen (TN), in addition to a >50% reduction in Phosphorus in effluent discharge water. See charts below on before and after Arkea® treatment. In addition, the customer was able to resume normal land application rates after 3 months of Arkea® treatment, and continues to remain in compliance with no violations for the past 3 years. The customer currently maintains a maintenance level of Arkea® dosing.

Ammonia (mg/L) Before Arkea Treatment

Total Nitrogen (mg/L) Before Arkea Treatment

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (mg/L) Before Arkea Treatment

Total Phosphorus (mg/L) Before Arkea Treatment

Ammonia (mg/L) After Arkea Treatment Started Aug 26 2011

Total Nitrogen (mg/L) After Arkea Treatment Started Aug 26 2011

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (mg/L) After Arkea Treatment Started Aug 26 2011

Total Phosphorus (mg/L) After Arkea Treatment Started Aug 26 2011