Wastewater Aeration Systems

Arkea Aeration Floating Fixed Film SystemArkea® Wastewater Aeration Systems by ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. combine the use of fixed film or suspended media with aeration for the treatment of wastewater. Our systems provide for enhanced or additional treatment of cBOD and nBOD in lagoon processes, especially for those processes that have difficulty satisfying their federal and state discharge requirements.

The unit or series of units are designed to float near the surface of a wastewater pond or lagoon and provide a surface for biofilm growth to occur. Air is supplied from an electric blower motor mounted on the shoreline which forces air through a single air header assembly and multiple diffuser hoses attached to the bottom of each device, creating fine bubble aeration.

Air bubbles pass through the media to the surface of the water. The rising wastewater passes by the biofilm growth and is absorbed into the growth, resulting in reduction and removal of cBOD and ammonium from the wastewater. Additionally, the distributed air continually replenishes the oxygen utilized by the microbes to break down waste particles.

Arkea Aeration Lagoon Bottom SystemThe unique design of the Arkea® Wastewater Aeration System is self-supporting due to its buoyancy which allows each unit to maintain non-contact with lagoon or tank bottom at all times and requires no modifications to plant infrastructure. The air provides a continual addition of oxygen to the wastewater in the lagoon, increases the dissolved oxygen level, reduces the likelihood of septicity, and improves overall process wastewater conditions that ultimately lead to enhanced reduction and removal of cBOD and ammonium.

Arkea® Wastewater Aeration Fixed Film/Suspended Media

Suspended Media

Fixed Film Media

Using Fixed Film and/or Suspended Media in wastewater systems is becoming the technique of the future for wastewater treatment.

Fixed Film and Suspended Media provide surface area. Why is surface area so important? It provides a place for microbes to grow. The microbes grow on the surface area of the Fixed Film or Suspended Media and form slime. This slime removes tremendous amounts of CBOD and nutrients.

Wastewater lagoons are basically devoid of places for bacteria to grow. ArchaeaSolutions,Inc. add media to our aerators to give the lagoon a place to grow microbes. The results include reduced cBOD and, in many cases, a significant improvement in nitrification.